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15 Exciting Ways To Leverage Artificial Intelligence In Marketing And Advertising

Companies are using artificial intelligence for basic communication, to make product recommendations and more. Full Story: Forbes

Using analytics to optimize marketing spend and drive sales

“New platforms become mainstream every couple of years, which provides more opportunities for marketing platforms,” said Petrou. “But it also creates a lot of complexity.” Full Story: MarTech

Marketing Yourself as a Business: Self Investment Tips for a Social Influencer

The rise of social media has produced some incredible business opportunities. Full Story: Talking Influence

Why You Need a Marketing Plan for Your Home Services Business

Are you a home services professional looking to ramp up your marketing efforts and increase your bottom line? If so, then it is essential that you develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your business. Full Story: Feast Magazine

Is Your Marketing Team Strategic or Tactical? Here’s How They Can Be Both

I’ve rarely heard of a company that has never had to redo its website. We’re currently going through the process at my own organization. Full Story: Newsweek

Loyalty done right through relationship marketing

True loyalty is not a points program or a rewards card. These are tactics that bring brands and customers closer together. But genuine loyalty is an outcome. It’s a goal that can only be achieved by carefully nurturing every relationship you have. Full Story: Marketing Mag

How Social Media Impacts Consumer Buying

The powerful effects of social media on businesses and brands have been proven. Full Story: Forbes

Social Media Influencers: The Next Big Thing In Automotive Marketing?

As disruptive as the next 10 years will be in terms of vehicle design and engineering, the upheaval in areas like automotive marketing and brand building will be even greater. Full Story: Forbes

Leaving Twitter? Here are 5 alternative social media platforms for creatives

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Elon Musk will be forking out a healthy $44 Billion to buy Twitter later this year. Full Story: Creative Bloq

Social Media — Is it worth it?

Evaluating your social media results is an important part of your marketing efforts. Full Story: Nursery World

How hub-and-spoke content marketing can help improve SEO

Hub and spoke content marketing strategies are becoming increasingly popular. Learn how how they can help improve rankings. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Baseline analysis for your SEO strategy

Having a proper benchmark of where your SEO campaign started will help you evaluate your progress. Here’s how to find the data you need. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Enterprise SEO Buy-in: 7 Essential Tips For Winning The Long Game

It will always be challenging to get buy-in for SEO work, especially at the enterprise level. Learn how to make allies and win support here. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How Search Engine Results Can Be Distorted

Search providers such as Google are able to increase their ad revenues by distorting the search results delivered to users. Full Story: Mind Matters

How Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Window Cleaning Service

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective strategies to gain leads and customers. This strategy can boost your window cleaning service’s revenue when done right. Full Story: RealtyBizNews

YouTube Expands its ‘Pre-Publish Checks’ Tool to the Mobile App

After first launching it on desktop last March, YouTube is now bringing its pre-publish checks tool to the mobile app as well, which will make it easier for those uploading their content on the go to ensure that it’s fully eligible for monetization before they post. Full Story: Social Media Today

Automate mobile app testing with Native Mobile Grid

Applitools announced the general availability of Native Mobile Grid. Full Story: App Developer Magazine

How to Edit Your Videos With the InShot Mobile App: A Complete Guide

Once in the editing screen, you can add more videos by tapping the + icon on the bottom left. To replace the video, tap it to select it, and… Full Story: MakeUseOf

‘World-first’ digital signage units clean the air we breathe

A BrightSign player is part of a DOOH screen unit with regenerative air filters made from moss installed in Switzerland, with more to come around the world. Full Story: AV Magazine

How OOH can battle climate change

The effects of climate change continue to be under the microscope with companies shifting their priorities to take an eco-friendlier approach. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

This underrated email marketing tactic receives nearly 100% open rates

You don’t need an email service provider, massive mailing list, or powerful subject lines to see results from email marketing. Full Story: The Drum

How to Start a High-Converting Email Marketing Series for Your Startup

One of the biggest challenges every startup faces is to build a loyal and engaged audience. Email marketing series can help with that. Full Story: ReadWrite

How to Use Psychology in E-Commerce

Every e-commerce click is driven by human emotions, instincts, and perceptions. Full Story: MarketingProfs

Amazon’s growth expected to slow, dragged by higher costs, e-commerce slump

Tech giant, which soared from pandemic buying, faces decelerating sales and cost increases from labor, inflation and supply-chain issues. Full Story: Mint

Reactive PR and case studies: why it works

In digital PR and content, reactive PR is not only a great link-building exercise, but can also help to form long-lasting relationships with relevant journalists and publications. Full Story: The Drum

Trust journalists to have a good approach to PR

Online media consumption has taken on a form that is less compatible with the traditional news reporting ecosystem as time goes on, says Sam Spiller, tech copywriter at Clockwork. Full Story: Media Update

Market research spending fell in early 2022

Market research budgets declined in the first quarter of 2022, the first contraction in research spending since the second quarter of 2021… Full Story: Research Live

Top 10 Trusted Web Development Companies in USA 2022

Web development firms in the USA provide the most amazing web development solutions integrated with trending technologies. Full Story: Hindustan Times

Hyper Effects Launches Website Development Service for Small Businesses

Hyper Effects is a website designing company situated in Washington. Full Story: EIN News

How AI Will Shape the Future of Business & Marketing

As the well-known proverb goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Full Story: Analytics Insight

Top 10 AI Powered Business Intelligence Platforms to know in 2022

Data Analysis is the most important part in the digital transformation of data. Full Story:

How Entrepreneurs Can Improve Sales Forecasting With Business Intelligence

Skyrocketing sales and profits is one of the primary goals of any business owner. Full Story:

Understanding the “Why” Behind the Contract Management Process

How to drive ROI by understanding the WHY behind contract agreements. Full Story: JD Supra

Personal Branding 101: 3 Keys To Becoming A Social Media Strategist

According to Chelsea Krost, personal branding expert, your story has three parts: the character, the conflict, and the resolution. Full Story: Forbes

4 Tips to Get Your Brand Communicating Via Video

Here are some tips on how to get started with producing your own video content to promote your brand. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How better voice technology is making cars safer

Our cars have always been our companions, but now, thanks to the integration of new digital voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa… Full Story: Axios

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