Integrated Marketing Toronto | Daily Update — January 14, 2022

15 Top Trends That Will Impact Marketing In 2022

Marketing trends come and go, constantly evolving as brands strive to better leverage the latest technologies and respond to shifts in the marketplace. Full Story: Forbes

Stop Guessing: Digital Experimentation is the Future of Marketing

Too often, corporate bottlenecks stall progress and growth. Full Story: CustomerThink

Why High-Performing Packs Should Embrace Both Design And Marketing

The design industry is multifaceted and sophisticated. Full Story: Forbes

The State Of Influencer Marketing: Top Insights For 2022

During the past two years, we’ve learned to be quick on our feet and adjust to the unknown. Full Story: Forbes

Understanding Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as direct marketing or network marketing, is a method of selling products directly to consumers using independent sales representatives. Full Story: Forbes

6 Marketing Mistakes Made by Self-Storage Operators and How to Avoid or Fix Them

If your digital marketing isn’t up to snuff, your self-storage business could be missing new customers. Full Story: Inside Self-Storage

A 5-Step Guide To Formulating An Effective Marketing Strategy

Many companies today are reliant on unique and effective marketing strategies to grow and expand their businesses. Full Story: HR News

Avoid Making These 7 Marketing Personalization Mistakes

Companies that get marketing personalization right perform much better than those that don’t, according to a McKinsey & Company report. Full Story: CMSWire

How To Use Non-Social Media Marketing To Generate A New Client Base

Launching and scaling a new enterprise can be tricky. Full Story: Forbes

TikTok Marketing Is Hard Work

Marketing a brand on TikTok is harder than it appears. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

Social Media Usage Statistics For Digital Marketers In 2022

Everyone’s obsessed with social! Check out these social media usage statistics — they’ll blow your mind. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Making The Best Of How Social Media Is Used In Business

Social media follows the rule that there is constant change all the time and the only constant is the social media’s community’s desire to connect. Full Story: Digital Market News

What Google’s Enhanced Autocomplete Box Means For SEO

What does Google’s beta testing of a new enhanced autocomplete box mean for your SEO strategy? See examples of new SERPs here. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

6 SEO Tips for 2022 and Beyond

Every year brings new opportunities to reevaluate and refine our SEO strategies to be more targeted and impactful for our brands and clients. Full Story: MarTech Series

Search Engine Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: Understand the Difference

Both SEM and SMM are very beneficial for businesses. Full Story: The Web Writer Spotlight

How to build a long-term, search-first marketing strategy

A transformed digital landscape means marketers must think search-first. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Mobile ad spend lept 23% in 2021, on track to hit $350B this year

Mobile ad spending saw 23% year-over-year growth in 2021. Full Story: Marketing Dive

Top 2022 mobile marketing trends after a disruptive year

How mobile marketing will evolve in 2022. Full Story: Ad Age

Understanding The Differences In Mobile App Use Across Generations

People across all generations spend more time now than ever before using mobile apps, averaging roughly four hours a day. Full Story: Forbes

Top 7 Mobile App Failures & Learnings to Build a Successful App

The mobile app market is growing by leaps and bounds in today’s fast-paced world. Full Story: Appinventiv

Educational Digital Signage Is the Key to School Transformation

Digital signage is transforming education in many ways. Full Story: The Southern Maryland Chronicle

How Investing in a Digital Signage Might Be What Your Business Needs

While online shopping may be more common, nothing really takes the place of going to a retail store, especially when it comes to electronics. Full Story: MakeUseOf

Does email marketing really work? Statistics say YES!

To make any business successful, alluring customers to do business with you is the key. Full Story: iTMunch

Thought Leadership Marketing Primer: How to Ace Thought Leadership in 2022

You might promote your consulting business on social media. Perhaps you’re a coach who is winning at your email strategy. Full Story: Business 2 Community

10 reasons why WooCommerce is the perfect partner for an ecommerce website

Why you should try a best-in-class ecommerce solution for a WordPress site. Full Story: TechRadar

What are the trends for e-commerce in 2022?

If 2020 was the year of the e-commerce boom, with apps like TikTok and Instagram expanding their e-commerce capabilities and consumers increasingly acclimatising to online shopping, then last year was the year the industry hit major challenges. Full Story: Global Banking & Finance Review -

PR: In The Name Of Pride And Professionalism

It’s ironic that public relations has something of a PR problem. Full Story: Forbes

2022 Forecast: 12 PR Trends We’d Like To See

Industry leaders, along with PRovoke Media editors, weigh in on the trends they would like to see as the PR industry navigates the third year of the global pandemic. Full Story: PRovoke Media

5 Trends That Are Reshaping the Market Research Industry

In the long run, organizations continue to chart their growth strategy and resilience through new avenues of profitability and dominance in new markets. Full Story: Destination CRM

How to Create a Startup Website That Delivers

Websites aren’t just for leaving contact information and hoping people will contact you. Your website inspires, captivates and converts users into customers. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Using Python for data engineering

Python is one of the most popular programming languages worldwide. Full Story: Technology Decisions

A marketer’s 2022 guide to Marketo: What it does today

This guide will walk you through some of the key capabilities of Marketo, one of the cornerstone platforms in the marketing automation space. Full Story: MarTech

Unbounce acquires LeadsRX marketing analytics

The conversion intelligence platform adds marketing performance analytics and attribution. Full Story: MarTech

PTC Utilized to Activate Sales and Marketing Teams helped PTC to improve customer engagement and boost productivity by addressing their challenges. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Why You Probably Don’t Need To Rebrand

There are all sorts of reasons businesses rebrand, some good, others not so good. Full Story: Business 2 Community

What Brand Positioning Is And Why It’s Important For Your Business

When it comes to building a strong brand, a tagline or logo alone won’t do the job. Full Story: Forbes

Voice Technology predictions for 2022

Businesses that have upped their voice technology game are finding themselves with stronger customer relationships and more market share.

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We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Toronto! #MarketingInToronto #TorontoMarketing #TorontoBusiness

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Integrated Marketing Toronto

Integrated Marketing Toronto

We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Toronto! #MarketingInToronto #TorontoMarketing #TorontoBusiness

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