Integrated Marketing Toronto | Daily Update — December 17, 2021

2022 Is Uncertain, But Your Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Have To Be

As we begin the annual tradition of planning for the upcoming year, many PR and marketing teams are feeling hesitant, unsure and even a little half-hearted. Full Story: Forbes

The Era Of Marketing Intelligence Is Here

We all know about business intelligence. It has been discussed immensely and has had a great adoption rate. Full Story: Forbes

Leveraging Marketing for Business Growth

Growth is the aspiration of nearly all companies. Full Story: CMSWire

Who got 2021’s marketing predictions right — and absolutely wrong?

But in 2020, I withheld my pen. Regardless of the debate over whether the coronavirus pandemic has been truly a ‘black swan event’, only the Arthurian Merlin… Full Story: The Drum

Top ten marketing tips ahead of Christmas

The race to Christmas is well and truly underway for businesses and shoppers alike, so now is the time to ensure your marketing is up to scratch for the busiest sales period of the year. Full Story: Marketing Mag

How agile is transforming modern marketing

Learn why agile is becoming the new foundation for marketing going forward. Full Story: MarTech

Google: Top digital marketing trends and predictions for 2022

It’s that time again when we all collectively look at the digital trends and opportunities for the new year. Full Story: Hospitality Net

5 Big Social Media Marketing Lessons From 2021

Looking back on 2021, we can probably all agree on one thing: at least it’s not still 2020. Full Story: Forbes

Social Media Practices to Live By

There are some principles in social media marketing that absolutely have to be followed by brands. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Five ways to attract learners through social media

The social media sphere keeps growing as more diverse platforms enter the big picture and start making their own impact on how people network. Full Story: FE News

3 Simple, Yet Effective Tips for Monitoring Brand Conversations on Twitter

Twitter has been my favorite social media platform for ages, and while some users find it difficult to navigate at first, no other app provides so much opportunity to be heard. Full Story: Social Media Today

10 Digital Marketing Fundamentals Every SEO Pro Should Know

While “niching down” is key for mastering one area, you still need a solid understanding of these digital marketing fundamentals to lead in marketing. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How Do I Deal With Large-Scale Pagination Issues?

Often, enterprise SEO is all about the give and take — knowing what to fight for and where to concede. See how this applies to pagination. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How To Improve Your Business’s Online Visibility In One Day

You might’ve heard about the mythological “SEO in one day” strategy. … The truth is that search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t as difficult as it’s… Full Story: Forbes

Header Tags & SEO: How to Use Them to Better Structure Your Content

In the latest episode of Hack My Growth, we’re looking at header tags and their importance to SEO. Full Story: Business 2 Community

The top 5 mobile marketing trends to watch out for in 2022

2021 was a challenging year for many within the mobile marketing ecosystem. But with great change came great opportunities. Full Story: The Drum


Ever since cryptocurrencies took the financial world by storm, people from various walks of life are becoming increasingly interested in the vast trading opportunities this nascent asset class presents. Full Story: FinanceFeeds

Adobe launches Creative Cloud Express for simple, mobile media creation

Adobe’s latest addition to the Creative Cloud catalogue focuses on giving everyone from students to creative professionals a quick … Full Story: ZDNet

How to get the Bwin mobile app on your smartphone

Despite the fact that some people don’t feel the need to use a mobile betting app for Android and iOS, others like having access to those things. Full Story: Augusta Free Press

The Best Digital Signage Software(TOP-10) Worth to Use in 2022. Complete Guide

Digital signage software is an important tool for any business or organization today. Full Story: The Daily World

Untangling the Full Lifecycle of Digital Signage

Digital signage gives brands and retailers a way to represent themselves and engage with customers in public, digital form. Full Story: Fast Casual

Improve Your Email Strategy By Monitoring These 8 Email Marketing Metrics

Despite the fact that email marketing is one of the oldest forms of inbound marketing, it continues to be one of the most effective. Full Story: Business 2 Community

5 Email Marketing Automations Before the Holiday Season

Emailing is essential ahead of the holiday season. Full Story: PC Tech Magazine

Walmart Canada launches Interac debit payments for ecommerce shopping

“We know our customers want a seamless omnichannel shopping experience and we’re proud to offer it. Full Story: IT World Canada

5 ways to prepare your brand for international ecommerce

There are other ways ecommerce brands can experience rapid growth and success. Full Story: TechRadar

And Just Like That, Peloton Fires Back Following Public Relations Crisis

It’s said that whoever controls the narrative has the power. Full Story: Forbes

Leading With Empathy Is the Best Way to Avoid a PR Crisis

The recent PR crisis for is a lesson for all of us on the importance of empathy in leadership. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Market research industry grows despite Covid-19

The report found that overall growth had slowed compared with recent years, partly due to Covid-19 and lockdown-related disruptions during 2020, but that nevertheless more than half of companies grew in the past year. Full Story: Research Live

Best Programming Languages for Web Development

Do you know which programming languages are preferred by developers worldwide? Full Story: Analytics Insight

The Most Popular React UI Component Libraries in 2022

While the base library of React is solid, there are multiple component libraries filled with valuable design elements for your React app or web… Full Story: SitePoint

Five Ways AI Improves Brand Marketing ROI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries, and marketing is one of the most compelling examples. Full Story: Forbes

Six B2B industries that should be leveraging marketing automation

It goes without saying that marketing automation software can benefit a range of businesses across a multitude of industries from tech to ecommerce. Full Story: B2B Marketing

Using AI-Based CDPs to Improve the Customer Experience

If marketing is relying on business intelligence teams or data scientists to collect data from disparate systems, run predictive models, and create segments… Full Story: CMSWire

How Better Tech Equals Business Intelligence for Propane Marketing

The Marketing Analytics Canvas Tool. To help marketers address such challenges, we created a tool that guides the process of designing an… Full Story: MIT Sloan Management Review

Eight Branding And Design Trends To Follow In 2022

Branding is the personality of a business. As a complex combination of voice, tone, color palettes, font choices, and story, good branding creates a lasting impression and differentiates a business from its competitors. Full Story: Forbes

Adobe announces Creative Cloud Express: Graphic design for everyone

On Monday, Adobe announced Creative Cloud Express, aka graphic design for dummies. Full Story: Mashable

New Alexa Skill Developer Accelerator Program Boosts Developer Revenue Share

Amazon is giving a bigger share of Alexa skill revenue to developers with the new Alexa Skill Developer Accelerator Program. Full Story:

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We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Toronto! #MarketingInToronto #TorontoMarketing #TorontoBusiness

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Integrated Marketing Toronto

Integrated Marketing Toronto

We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Toronto! #MarketingInToronto #TorontoMarketing #TorontoBusiness

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