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A smartphone has become the go-to super-channel for all the brands in each category to reach existing consumers or to generate leads for quicker ROI. Full Story: Indian Retailer

10 best influencer marketing tools you need in 2022

A recent report shows 76% of brands are planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year. Full Story: Sprout Social

A Streamlined Approach To Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

It’s not an easy job to find out the best digital marketing agency for your business. Full Story:

Common Mistakes When Marketing With IP Addresses

Navigating ISPs, VPNs, myriad free Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile devices and carriers and remote work challenges can be daunting for even an experienced marketer. Full Story: Forbes

Digital marketing program rebooted, to help smaller businesses hone media skills

Businesses digitize materials creating a stronger online presence and revenue assisted by Alacrity. Full Story: Nelson Star

How to think customer first as you recession-proof your marketing strategy

In early July, news emerged of a UK government campaign in the works, targeting decision makers in business and urging them to introduce price-slashing measures. Full Story: The Drum

Transform your enterprise marketing with a startup mindset

When your business begins meeting and exceeding its goals, take that as an opportunity to lean in and continue innovating instead of hunkering down and risking stagnation. Full Story: Fast Company

Three digital marketing tools that use machine learning

One big challenge most companies face when selecting the right software is determining the right tool depending on their existing workflow. Full Story: KnowTechie

How to Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Social media will always be around. It’s not going anywhere. The only question is how you are going to use it for your company, whether that’s blogging, posting pictures on Instagram, or running a Facebook ads campaign. Full Story: Digital Journal

New Report on Teen Social Media Use Underlines the Rise of TikTok, and the Fall of Facebook

“[The survey] of American teenagers ages 13 to 17 finds TikTok is now a top social media platform for teens, with some 67% of teens saying they ever use TikTok,… Full Story: Social Media Today

5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Here are the main social media mistakes multifamily marketers should steer clear of. Full Story: Multi-Housing News

TikTok and the Fall of the Social-Media Giants

Facebook is trying to copy TikTok, but this strategy may well signal the end of these legacy platforms. Full Story: The New Yorker

Why Isn’t Google Showing The Sitelinks I Want? Ask An SEO

There’s no direct way to make Google show the results you want. Use these tips from Kayle Larkin to help influence which sitelinks show up. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

7 tips to instantly improve your SEO ranking on Google

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, so improving your SEO ranking on Google should be a priority for your business. Full Story: Native News Online

13 Steps to a Content Refresh That Boosts SEO

Are you ready for a content refresh on your website? Full Story: Multichannel Merchant

How You Can Put SEO To Work For Your Firm

For plaintiffs’ firms in particular, implementing the best in search-engine optimization can be critical to business success. Full Story: Above the Law

US Retail Mobile App Features Benchmark 2022

The pandemic reshaped consumer expectations about the omnichannel shopping journey, which is now often mediated by a retailer’s mobile app. Full Story: Insider Intelligence

Understanding the customer journey on a mobile app

Customers’ journeys can vary based on the channels they use to interact with brands. For mobile apps, points of purchase, UX and easy onboarding are critical. Full Story: TechTarget

How to Do Mobile App Competitive Analysis

Almost everyone uses a mobile app at some point in the day. Full Story: MarketingProfs

Soundstripe Launches New Mobile App

Soundstripe has officially rolled out its new mobile app, enabling creators to discover, save, stream and download unlimited music from the company’s catalog while on the go. Full Story: MusicRow

10 Innovative Use Cases for Digital Signage Content to Inspire You

The appeal of captivating digital displays is not something to be underestimated. They pop out, offering information, promotions and entertainment. Full Story: My TechDecisions

DOOH: advertising’s big opportunity?

However, since the end of the lockdown regulations, the public’s increasing desire to return to normality has seen OOH re-stake its claim as part of any media plan — and digital is making its presence felt. Full Story: ExchangeWire

Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant In 2022

Despite the advent of social media and the proliferation of billions of websites on the internet, email marketing is still standing. Full Story: Forbes

Enhanced Email Strategies: How to Maximize Your B2B Email Marketing ROI

Many B2B entrepreneurs claim this email marketing ROI is fabricated. Full Story: Onrec

10 Expert Tips for Setting Up Your First E-Commerce Store

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur — especially if you’re lacking in technical knowledge and skill — you may worry that setting up an online store for your business will be overwhelming or more work than you can handle. Full Story: Rolling Stone

The e-commerce boom is fizzling out

The pandemic was supposed to permanently change how people shop. Full Story: The Globe and Mail

How can PR and influencer marketing work together in a crisis?

Influencer marketing has grown from a $1.7 billion industry in 2016 to a projected $16.4 billion in 2022. Full Story: Sprout Social

What Is PR? Breaking Down The Industry

Public relations is an important practice that individuals and companies can utilize to inform, build trust and share their stories with the public. Full Story: Forbes

5 Reasons Why Market Research is Important for Your Business

Every decision you make, whether it is for product creation, marketing, or even the prices you charge, is guided by what your customer needs. Full Story: Swaay

Web Development: Step By Step Guide To Launching A Website

The internet has always been one of the best ways to represent your product. Full Story: PVP Live

5 Most In-Demand Skills in 2022

So, how do you secure a job in a competitive job market with limited opportunities? Full Story: Parle Mag

How Artificial Intelligence can help detect e-commerce fraud

Since the pandemic, digitalization has dominated businesses across all industries, giving them a competitive advantage and market security. Full Story: The Economic Times

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, influencer marketing has entered the entire advertising industry. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Business intelligence: Selling data to selling insights

While often associated with data visualization software, business Intelligence is comprised of organizations that offer a combination of data and analytics-related insights, services and tools. Full Story: VentureBeat

Content Marketing Metrics & Analytics: 5 Types Of Data Insights

Learn 5 key types of data led analytical insights that fuel content marketing success and performance and measurement. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How To Build And Develop A Personal Brand

For entrepreneurs and musicians, a solid identity will ensure you stand out with your audience. Full Story: Forbes

Top Most Important Business Graphic Design Types

Graphic design comes in all different shapes and forms. The usual thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of graphics is a nicely done image. Full Story: Robotics & Automation News

Everything you need to know about voice assistants

They’re quickly becoming a mainstay in our homes thanks to their easy-to-use technology. Full Story: Santander Group

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